AITA Reddit Woman Refusing To Drop Ex-Husband’s Last Name


And finally, a few even chimed in with their own experiences keeping their ex’s last name postdivorce:

“When I divorced my abusive ex-husband, he sent me a text saying I needed to give up his last name because I ‘didn’t deserve it.’ He didn’t go by his last name, but I, as a teacher, went by my last name more than I did my first name, and I liked his last name. After I talked it over with my therapist, she said, ‘ Keep it. He gave it to you as a gift, and you can’t take back gifts. You earned it. It’s your name to do with as you will.’ I figure one day I might change it if the situation ever arises, but it hasn’t happened yet.”



“My ex demanded I drop his surname. I got nothing from our decadelong marriage. No alimony despite being a stay-at-home mom (yay, financial abuse), and no portion of the house. I kept his name because it’s the name I’m an established artist under. It also felt like the one shred of power I had in the situation.”



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