Accused of fraud, influencer Marc Blata has his account deleted by Instagram


Marc Blata and his wife Nadé, in Dubai, February 11, 2022

Instagram decided on Thursday, January 26, to delete the account of French influencer Marc Blata, followed by more than four million subscribers, and accused in particular of fraud. Meta France (the parent company of the social network) explained its decision after being challenged on Twitter by a collective called AVI (Help for victims of influencers).

“What measures are you going to take against French-speaking influencers who illegally offer their subscribers financial advice and promote very high-risk stock market investments on your platforms? »asked this group which announced, on Monday, the launch of legal action by dozens of people, in particular for ” scam ” and ” breach of trust “claiming to have been scammed by investing in financial products touted by famous influencers, including Marc Blata and his wife Nadé Blata.

“Hello, the rules of our platforms are clear and prohibit fraudulent and misleading content intended to mislead our users. We have removed the Instagram account in question, along with a series of others, for violating these rules”, replied Meta France.

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A sector in turmoil

Alexandre Dacos, the plaintiffs’ lawyer, explained on Monday that the complaints had been filed “against X” but primarily targeted the practices of the couple Marc and Nadé Blata, based in Dubai, “and the network that allows them not to act alone”. Active in the promotion of these products, Marc Blata has acquired notoriety on social networks with his “crusty”presented as revelations about the world of reality TV, rap or football stars.

The Blata couple praised the merits of two financial products, the NFT “Animoon” and the trading channel “Blatagang”, in which thousands of their subscribers have invested, without seeing the promised gains, according to the lawyer.

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These announcements follow the start of a highly publicized conflict, which plunged the sector into turmoil last year: it opposes rapper Booba and Magali Berdah, boss of the big influencer agency Shauna Events. The first criticizes the second for promoting scams (goods not received, non-compliant products, etc.); in return, she accuses him of cyberstalking. The court opened two investigations.


Another complaint targets influencer Dylan Thiry, who is accused of having embezzled money collected in the form of cyber kitties with his humanitarian association.

In December, the government launched a series of meetings and launched a public consultation, with the aim of better regulating practices. Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire will report on any decisions by March.

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