“A sadly banal case of domestic violence”… 5,000 euros required against Aya Nakamura and her ex-spouse


At the correctional court in Bobigny,

Seeing them arrive together, this Thursday, at the Bobigny Criminal Court, almost tight against each other, we could almost guess the line of defense chosen by Aya Nakamura – whose real name is Aya Danioko – and her ex-companion , director Vladimir Budnikoff. Both appeared for reciprocal violence that occurred on the night of August 6 to 7, 2022 in their home in Rosny-sous-Bois, in Seine-Saint-Denis.

According to the account of the facts, it all begins with an invitation to a wedding to which only Vladimir Boudnikoff is invited. By digging into the phone of the latter, on August 6, the singer discovers that the “ex” of the producer was present. Angry, Aya Nakamura demands an explanation. There follows an argument so loud that a neighbor calls the police who move and come face to face with the couple in front of the house with their baby. She talks to chokes and hair-pulling agents. He accuses her of having broken a bottle of grenadine on him. The singer then leaves the family home before returning late at night, accompanied by two friends: they will be repelled by Vladimir Boudnikoff, “a weapon in hand”.

Appeasement and granted versions

This Thursday, the atmosphere is the opposite of the facts described: peaceful. The two defendants seek above all to deflate the case. A request for a closed session was filed, due to the celebrity of the interpreter of “Djadja” and the risk of voyeurism and harassment to which such a hearing exposes him. Request refused, the press and the public can remain in the room.

This Thursday, Aya Nakamura, dressed in a beige checkered jacket – much more sober than her stage outfits – minimizes the terms used during her police custody and evokes a jostling and scratches: “It is the emotion that I did not manage at that time. It was Madame Danioko at that time, not Aya Nakamura. “His ex-companion advances towards the bar his tall figure with a very conspicuous tattoo “AYA” in the nape of the neck. He displays the same calm and the same regrets. “If the argument hadn’t come out into the open, would it have stayed between you?” “, summarizes the president. “Ah, yes,” agrees the defendant. As for the weapon, he assures, with proof of purchase in support, that it is dummy and is used for filming clips.


No liabilities with the police

If the violence – mainly bruises – had resulted in three days of ITT for each, the ex-couple seemed this Thursday to have tuned their violins. Both have a clean criminal record and claim to have relaunched a “process of appeasement in their relationship”, in particular in the interest of their common child. “It’s really serenity today,” comments the judge.

Unlike many domestic violence hearings, the atmosphere is relaxed. The magistrate seems conquered when she evokes the trajectory of Aya Nakamura. The singer comes from a modest background, without having studied, but has achieved success in music without having a manager and now has a comfortable income, a way of emphasizing “the autonomy of the young woman”. Vladimir Boudnikoff is a director and producer, like his ex-spouse, he has a child from a first bed. When the judge points out that he was under the influence of cannabis on the evening of the events, he replies that he stopped and “exchanged this addiction for another CBD”.

A “sadly commonplace” affair

Even the public prosecutor joins in the peaceful atmosphere of the case, which if it is “exceptional” by the celebrity of the defendants, turns out to be “sadly banal” in a court accustomed to domestic violence. The prosecutor requested a fine up to their respective incomes, i.e. 5,000 euros against Aya Nakamura and 2,000 euros against Vladimir Boudnikoff, leaving the court the opportunity to sentence them to an internship awareness of domestic violence.

The court will deliver its deliberation on February 23.

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